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Office 21

In Office 21 only two things count - One: Your profit! Two: Your win!! All is fair in love and war and economy: Hire and fire, seduce the boss, tax audits at just the right time, and good old industrial espionage. Whoever achieves 21 million profit first, wins. And it must be exactly 21 million or do you really think an overachieving team still needs a manager?

Office 21 re-implements elements from Blackjack and adds alternative victory conditions, card effects, and gives you freedom to choose when adding cards to reach exactly 21. In Office 21 you are the architect of your own fortune - in 15 exciting minutes.

Office 21, designed by Jacky Huang, for 2 to 5 players ages 8 and up, pixel-style office graphics, playing time: approx 15 minutes - English, French and German rules included

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Office 21

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